It is not necessary now to reiterate the importance of trees and the key role it plays in fighting global warming. We are losing forests at a faster rate than ever and are already experiencing some of its dire consequences! Green Kings understands this urgency to address the issue of global warming and is dedicated in bringing about a radical change by creating green and ecologically sound spaces. We promote not only plantation of trees but also its preservation and conservation. With extensive experience and technical expertise in this domain, we stand apart from other horticulture service providers. Our key services include:
  • Afforestation : Be it a CSR activity or any plantation drive, Green Kings can provide you with expert technical advice on what, how and where a tree is to be planted. With our excellent vendor networks, we can also suffice your forest seed or sapling requirements.
  • Green Belts / Shelter Belts : All industrial developments have to develop green belt in or around its premises as a statutory regulation or to create a sink for green-house gases removal. Our scientific approach and cost saving ability can help you achieve your target of green cover with minimum hassles.
  • Transplantation : Green Kings also offers cost-effective solutions in transplanting a tree from one location to another. Our scientific methods and technical expertise helps achieve minimum tree mortality.
  • Tree Risk Assessment : To understand the health and vigour of a tree, Green Kings provide professional services in assessment of the trees within your area / premises. We help you identify any risks related to it and advice on further actions towards its preservation and conservation.
  • Tree Surgery : It includes tree pruning and balancing especially which causes a nuisance. Since we have good network within the local authorities, we can help you find the right solution for your problem.