Terrestrial landscape:
  • Public Parks & Open spaces : We help you in beautifying and creating an ecologically significant landscape for recreation of both children and adults pertaining to a particular theme.
  • Residential Landscape : We integrate our concept of ‘live garden’ in residential landscape so as to create a meaningful green space for the residents.
  • Institutional gardens : We cater to the landscape development needs of hospitals, schools, colleges, banks etc.
  • Industrial landscape : With long regarded reputation and experience in industrial landscaping (as H. A. Raje& Associates), Green Kings provides excellent landscape design solutions to your industry. Combining the aesthetic value with scientific selection of tree species, we can help your industry achieve an excellent “green infrastructure” standard.
  • Infrastructure landscape : Green Kings provides a wide range of landscape solutions for various infrastructure projects like median plantation and green belt plantation along highways, flyovers and bridges. We also specialise in developing landscape for roundabouts and traffic islands.
  • Hospitality & Leisure : We also undertake landscape projects for all kinds of resorts, star-hotels and amusement parks with our specialised knowledge in indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Roof gardens & Vertical gardens : Owing to the space constraint in cities, we can help you setup exclusive vertical and roof gardens that will increase green cover and purify air as well as the effect of urban heat island
  • Xeriscaping : Water being a prime issue in many areas, we help you design and develop gardens which demand extremely low water for its survival. Using right plants, water saving material and technology, we can transform your living space into nature’s abode.
  • Indoor gardens : As per the sunlight availability, we can create soothing green spaces within your home. Indoor plants with varied foliage, flowers and ecological importance are included in our designs. We provide landscape consultation for astrology and vaastu believers as well.