The landscape design and horticulture team at Green Kings are specialists in landscape planning; with over 20 years of experience (as H. A. Raje & Associates) in producing schemes with all year round interest and color for your sites. Our sustainable designs encompass creation of nature conservation areas and long term planting to combat climate change.

Planting schemes we produce will help you achieve the prescribed standards of green cover within an area. Our species selection is done on a scientific basis depending upon the agro-climatic conditions of the area viz. soil, temperature, annual rainfall, humidity etc. and air pollution tolerance level of the plants. We also integrate the principle of phytoremediation where heavy metal accumulation in soil or water is an issue. The landscape design will encompass all
All our Eco-aesthetic Landscape services will comprise
of the following:
  • Brief formulation and development
  • Site analysis, assessment and survey
  • Conceptual design and guidance
  • Master planning & design
  • Construction design and management
  • Detailed working drawings
  • Planting design
  • Landscape conservation plans
  • Tender (BoQ) and procurement
  • Project Management
  • Contract Supervision and implementation